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Deliverance Escape Rooms
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Martha: The Haunting of Derwent Manor

“Whenever you reach a barrier you must choose one of two ways: let it be the end or explore what the darkness brings.”

Clarissa had recently become the luckily recipient of Derwent Manor, a period home situated in the middle of endless countryside.  The home had belonged to her Great Aunt Martha, a quirky character who had lived a rather secluded life up until her recent passing.

To Clarissa’s surprise, it appears that in recent years the once beautiful property had become somewhat neglected, and work was started to restore the building to it’s former glory.  However, it was during these works that it began…

Weird noises could be heard within the attic, noises that couldn’t be explained.  Upon becoming paranoid, Clarissa decided to try and trace these ‘sounds’, with these noises leading her to what appeared to be a solid wall.  Intrigued, a small opening was made in the wall, just to confirm in Clarissa’s mind that there was nothing untoward on the other side.

However those niggling doubts were correct, as what was unearthed was found to be a hidden room in the attic – a hidden room containing nothing but a door that appeared to be welded shut.

It is this door which forms the first part of your investigation – the noises which could be heard are in fact coming from this room, these noises seemingly being of a ‘paranormal’ nature.  And so this is why Clarissa has called upon your expertise – as experienced paranormal investigators you have been challenged with gaining access through the door, and once inside examining the hidden contents in order to determine the causes of these ‘disturbances’.  What lies beyond the door?


Please be aware that this room may contain religious artefacts and items which some people may not be comfortable with.  The room may also contain some jumpy elements, as well as elements of darkness and dim lighting.  Please consider these aspects when booking for children.  If you'd like any further information please contact us.