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Following our enforced closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have now been granted permission to re-open given that we can ensure our games can be operated in a safe manner.  We have followed Government Guidelines when preparing our revised procedures, and we have been awarded the "We're Good To Go" approval by Visit Britain based on these new restrictions.

This document will demonstrate the steps we have taken in order to make our experiences as safe as possible, in order to minimise any possible risk of the virus being apparent.

We will ensure that social distancing is adhered to during the duration of game.

We please ask that groups playing are from the same household or are within the same bubble, as it may be difficult for players from different households to socially distance once in the rooms.

Staff will perform briefings and de-briefings with at least a 2 meter distance to all players, with procedures in place for each room to make these procedures as safe as possible.

We have amended the game schedules to try and mitigate the risks as follows:

Game start times will now be staggered in 15 minute slots.  This is to ensure that groups from differing households do not come into contact with one another whilst on site.

Our Terms and Conditions ask that groups arrive 15 minutes prior to their start times.  It is imperative that this is pleased adhered to; arriving early may result in you coming into contact with the previous group leaving, arriving late may mean you come into contact with another group playing a room at a later start time.  Also by arriving late we may not be able to get you into the room at the designated start time if we are then dealing with another group, and due to the thorough cleaning required between each group, we may have to reduce your time in the room so that we can still undertake our rigorous cleaning schedule before the next group is due to arrive.

Because of this, we are also prohibiting walk-in bookings for the foreseeable future.  This is so we can ensure the premises is prepared and clear of any groups when we are expecting groups to arrive.  If you are looking to play at short notice, please call us and we will look to find a suitable slot which we can book you in to.

As per Government Guidelines, we will be required to take the contact details for all players who will be playing our rooms in order to assist with their Test and Trace system.

These details will be taken prior to the game commencing.

As per Government requirements, these details will be held for a temporary period of 21 days, with all records being held securely.

A Sanitzer station will be set-up upon the entrance to the building, whereby we will be asking all customers to sanitze their hands upon entering and before heading into our reception/waiting area.

Sanitizer will also be available in the waiting area for customers to use, and staff will also be able to provide santizer to groups as soon as they have finished their experience upon the exit of the room you have been playing.

It will also be mandatory for all groups wash their hands prior to entering the room in order to add further assurance over the cleanliness of hands.

Face Masks will be mandatory for all players during the experience (this is now also in line with Government Guidance which states these are legally required from 8th August).

Even though we are taking extra precautions with cleaning, the fact research suggests COVID particles can stay airborne for 3 hours means that masks are required in order to prevent the spread through these droplets from previous groups.

We advise that players bring their own face masks, however if you do not wish to these can be purchased at the time of booking or prior to your game beginning at the cost of £1 per mask.

Players who refuse to wear a mask will be refused entry into the room.  Any players who are seen not wearing a mask during the game will also be asked to leave the premises if they do not wear this once warned, with no refunds offered.

Gloves will not be permitted to be worn during games, and we have introduced the above hand washing/santizing options to mitigate these risks.

We please ask that customers try to use toilet facilities before coming to our premises - as these facilities are shared they run a higher risk of being able to transmit the disease and so if this risk can be reduced by not having to use them it will be beneficial for everyone on site.

Where required to be used, we will ensure that toilets are cleaned between each household.

As previously mentioned, the toilet will be available for hand washing facilities, which will be mandatory for every player.

All of our rooms and communal areas have been sprayed with a special BAC5 disinfectant which has been produced to kill COVID-19 particles upon contact for up to 30 days, adding another level of assurance that all props within our rooms are as virus free as possible.

We are reapplying this spray every 2 weeks to ensure that it stays fresh on our surfaces in order to provide as much protection to our players as possible.

As mentioned above, time between games will be extended in order to allow for the thorough cleaning of rooms during this time; locks, keypads, handles, surfaces and frequently used props will be cleaned and sterilised.

All communal areas will also be cleaned; the seats in the waiting areas, lockers, door handles and hand rails will be cleaned and sterilised.  We will also be removing the 'warm-up' games which could be found in our waiting area for the foreseeable future.

As also mentioned above, if toilets are required to be used, these will also be cleaned between each household.

Other cleaning requirements, such as hoovering and dusting, will also be undertaken throughout the day to ensure that the property is as clean and sterile as possible.

We will also have a reduced number of games per day based on the fact that we are extending the time between games in order to allow for the additional cleaning required.

Any players who may be feeling symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your game are pleased ask to contact us in order to postpone your booking.

Due to all bookings being from the same household/bubble, if one player is isolating due to having symptoms, I am afraid we will need to postpone the entire booking just in case any other members of the same household have possibly contracted the virus but may be asymptomatic.

Gift Vouchers will be provided so that your game can be rebooked in the future.

We want people to enjoy Deliverance Escape Rooms, so please work with us to the best of your ability on these restrictions. From a small, local business, sincere and genuine thanks.

We would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation, we appreciate these unprecedented times are not as straight forward as we would like, however we are confident the systems we have in place will help to ensure that everyone can stay as safe as possible, whilst still having fun and enjoying themselves.

‘Escape’ lockdown by escaping at Deliverance Escape Rooms!