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You were supposed to be living the ‘American Dream’, ticking off an adventure of a lifetime from your bucket list by trekking across America.  Yet here you find yourself, in the middle of a gloomy and chilling forest, lost, cold, scared.

The party the night before seemed like a good idea at the time, however awaking the next morning in a hungover state, you soon realise that you are massively behind schedule if you are to hike to your next destination before the end of the day.  Having looked at your map, you anticipate being able to make up the lost hours by taking a short-cut through a large wooded area.

Once deep inside the woodland you soon realise that you’ve lost your GPS and Phone signal due to the dense canopy of leaves above, and so your only source of navigation becomes your map and gut instinct.  You decide to keep going in the hope that it will bring you out the other side.

However, hours soon pass and yet all you can see ahead appears to be a never ending path of trees, and to make matters worse darkness begins to creep in as the sun sets.  Panicking that you are now lost in the woods, you can make out what looks to be an abandoned cabin in the distance, and a decision is made to head to the cabin to take refuge for the night in order to shelter from the darkness, before attempting to find your way out of the woods again in the morning.

But is the darkness the only thing you should be scared of?

The Bank Job

“I’m all in”.  It is these three simple words which would change the life of Ralph Clark forever.

A loving family man who had also carved a successful career as a bank manager, Ralph seemingly had the perfect life to everyone around him.  However, having been introduced to the game of Texas Hold’Em by someone he had recently met at a banking convention, it soon became apparent that a passion for gambling had been born.  This passion somewhat turned into an addiction, as Ralph would find himself in high stake cash games in back street clubs, as he looked to continue feeding the adrenaline rush each winning hand would bring.  Ralph felt invincible when at the poker table.

That was until the harsh reality would prove otherwise in the most extreme of ways – after suffering a bad beat, Ralph had made it his mission that night to get revenge over the player in question.  However anger would cloud judgement, and instead of winning his money back Ralph found himself bleeding his family savings away, and then in a desperate plea to win it back, a rush of blood to the head led to him gambling away the family home.

Feeling uncontrollable anger and guilt, Ralph could only see one possible solution to rectify the mess he had caused.   Through these games, Ralph had become associated with Vinny Gallows - a successful businessman by trade, however this wasn't how Vinny had accumulated the majority of his wealth, as he also operated a notorious undercover gang on the side.

Given that he knew the bank's security system inside out, Ralph had gone to Vinny with a proposal - break into the bank after hours, steal the contents of the vault, and split any earnings between them, before Ralph and his family would abscond into the wilderness before creating a new identity for themselves, in the hope that they would never be seen again.

You have been selected by Vinny to undertaken the task in hand.  The main security override system has been remotely disabled however this can only be held for 60 minutes – with Vinny and Ralph assisting from an external location during the raid, you have the tools to succeed.

the hideaway escape room

***WARNING*** - This room is a sequel to one of our other rooms 'The Cabin In The Woods'.  Although it is playable as a standalone game, it is highly recommended that you only read the below if you have played 'The Cabin In The Woods' in order to prevent any spoilers.

After a group of backpackers inadvertently uncovered the actions of The Raven, a full blown operation is now underway to capture the suspected culprit.  From the clues obtained from the cabin, intelligence have been able to locate his alleged hideaway in a discreet area of a nearby town.

Your team have been provided with the challenge of gaining access to the hideaway and arresting The Raven.  After the actions in the Cabin, it is likely that he knows we are on his tail, and so be vigilant on your mission, as we do not know what obstacles and traps may lay ahead.

Intelligence will be working with you remotely to assist where needed.    

Lincoln has found itself in a state of devastation over many months.  War broke out and the military surrounded the city, cutting off all supply lines.  During the daytime, hostile snipers prevent survivors from venturing outside.  At night, the city is awash with danger as looters and thugs take to the streets.

Many civilians besieged within the city are starving, cold and frightened with many fearing the bitter winter which lies ahead.  Some who go out at night don’t return and the ones lucky enough to make their way back are horrified by what they’ve seen.